Jessica (banshee_chick) wrote in atvriders,

I'm gonna race my uncle's banshee this weekend in Coeburn. I can't wait until I get mine fixed up. I would love to set the track record, but it'll probably be awhile. I can't believe that my brother almost had it but where he quick shifts too much he missed it by under a hundredths of a second. I hope my husband will race his quadzilla and see what it runs now that it's fixed. Last time it ran 5.30 in 300 ft, but that was because it was too rich and wouldn't rev up. My brother ran a 4.35 once but couldn't ever get any faster than that.
The only thing I hate about Coeburn is that they let a rail have the track record, which would've meant my brother would have the 4-wheeler track record.
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