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I'm not too sure where to post this, so it's going to go all over the damn place!

I've decided that my 4 wheeler doesn't have a good enough turning radius.'s my idea

On the steering column is a part that the tie rods mount up to. (red arrow)
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

Since the micro-fieche doesn't give a part number, I'm assuming it's welded to the steering column. No biggie...there's ways around it.

My idea is to make a piece (stainless) that mounts at the two points where the tie rods normally do, and mount the tie rods back a little bit further (1/2" or so), increasing the distance the wheels would turn.

I know this would require slightly more turning force at the bars, but I don't think it'll be TOO much.

Barring any possible clearance issues, does anyone see a problem with it?

edit: This is planned for an '03 Yamaha Warrior
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