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My name is tim. I have a polaris 250 I have a cluch kit in it. I need to get a pipe kit for it. what else should i get? I am from michigan but i am liveing in South Carolina now. I am going to bring it down here. I am working at Parris Island. If any of you have anything more I could do to my quad just give me a heads up. Talk to you all later.
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What're you doing with the Marines?

You're modding a Polaris? I'm sorry man.
lol thanks
It works pretty good it is pretty fast. so what could i get to make it faster?
Fast and Polaris, in my experience, just don't belong in the same sentence.

I think aside from a big bore kit, or new cam, there's not much more you can do to make it any faster.
hahaha, yeah, I have to say I haven't seen many fast Polaris...I couldn't even tell you what to do to make it better in a fast way but, you can do anything to a fourwheeler to make it look good....
lol yeah yeah yeah I really dont care if it looks good i just want to make it faster. When i was in michigan i hit a jump and i got like 15ft in the air. that was fun lol
The Predator's a fast ass bike.
yeah they are.
But really, it's a 250 (polaris or otherwise). How fast do you expect to go?
i would like to get over 100 lol
wellllll a 250 (4stroke im assuming) doesnt really have that much potential. I'm not sure how the frame looks. but a motor swap to the 500 maybe? i've seen 4cyl engines in 1 cylinder quads, so im sure its possible. If you wouldnt be capable of doing it maybe talk to some shops, or any friends that know how to turn a wrench.

like camper said, besides a big bore kit or a cam its not really going to gain too much top end. Maybe a smaller sproket in the rear? (smaller would be higher top speed right?)

if you REALLY want your quad to go faster, sell it and find a cheaper quad with a bigger bore. (yamaha or honda IMO)
lol ya wanna know whats kinda funny i beat a 400 ex on the trails in michigan
lol, come on down to florida buddy, i'll show you what the 400ex is all about.

was he 4 and just got the quad a week ago?

lol just messin with ya.

but seriously i'll kick your ass in the trails =D
lol i bet. no he was about 30 and he didnt know how to ride quads very good lol. I smoked his ass on the turns and jumps. lol I think that i weighted less then him also didnt help him to much. I he was going fast as he could and i was walking away from him.
get it bored out